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I am not a fan of C.S. Lewis and his writings. He rejected the inerrancy of scripture, he was never clear about his belief on the atonement, he believed that some who did not consciously believe in Christ would be saved. He was not a careful teacher of the bible and the doctrines that are so important to our salvation. I don’t believe Lewis' Narni is an allegory like John Bunyans "Pilgrims Progress" but it is full of fantasy and myth, and strange imaginations which we are to cast down. I believe that the Gospel has to be taught in truth without added storyteeling which can cause it to lose its power to save. Fantasy should not be used to aid us in obtaining deeper spiritual truths about Christ His kingdom and the redemption Jesus purchased for us at the cross by the shedding of his precious Blood. Remember, Jesus spent 33 years among His people and he never used fantasy or mysticism to make His message "clearer". By adding and blending partial truth with lies the serpent deceive Eve. What looks like truth makes it enticing and draws many into a world of myth and fantasy. Rm. 1:20-23, professing to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corrutible man-and birds and four footed animals...  I am sure there are some moral principles within his writings but I for one am not a fan of C.S. Lewis and I would be very careful what you read or watch to get any truth about the gospel lest your mind becomes captured with the world of fantasy and then the word of God is not able to bring the true revelation by the Holy Spirit to your heart. Mike Guthrie
Comment Posted by: Mike on 2006-01-05 19:23:22