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Be A Witness

An Example

2 Thessalonians 3:9
We simply wanted to provide an example of diligence, hoping it would prove contagious.

While there are a select few who have been given the confrontation gift of Peter, most of us have to earn the right to present our testimony. We can be witnesses through our life style, but to actual speak the words, we need to earn enough trust of the person we are attempting to witness to that we are allowed to tell our story. This trust may be earned in a short time or it may take several months to develop. Either way, we must be ready for often times the opportunities sneak upon us without warning.

I taught an Air Force person in one of my Sunday School classes who told the following story:

A new female airman (if that is what you call them) was assigned to the same office as he. While he met her shortly after her arrival, he had little direct contact with her.  It was a large office and most of the contact came as they passed in the hall. As in any office, over time, the people talk about each other and he heard “stories” about her, but paid little or not attention to them. In other words, he did not have an opportunity to develop much of a relationship with her. But, he continued to live his Christian walk as he always did.

Then, early one morning about eight or nine months later, the airman arrived at his desk in tears.  She sat down and in a sobbing voice exclaimed that her life was a mess.  Her husband had suddenly left her, her emotions were shot, she was at the bottom of the barrel. She went on to ask, “Please, tell me about this Jesus of yours!”

Now most of us are not blessed with this clear cut of an opportunity. Rather, we have to invite the neighbors to BBQs or non-threatening church functions or a ballgame or something similar. And, it usually takes more than one meal to get over the threshold enough to “talk religion.” But, if we stay with it, the opportunities to present our faith will arise. We must be ready.  Most of the time, this readiness will lead to a chance to present our testimony. 




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