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Renewing Your Mind


James 4:14
You don’t even know what your life tomorrow will be! You are like a puff of smoke, which appears for a moment and then disappears.

But, Christianity is not about rules. Christianity is about relationships – especially with God where we form the relationship and make it stronger by our “living” sacrifices. The major relationship is the one we have with Jesus. This relationship is built upon a love for God and a love for fellow men. As Paul has demonstrated in chapters 5-8, these relationships are difficult because of the presence of sin and the inability of our earthly bodies to be completely sin free. Yet, Paul provides the answer to this dilemma. That answer is the “hope of the glory of God” (Rom 5:2). Our hope is the future of eternity, ours to celebrate and share after this life.

Paul has mirrored the thoughts of James (James 4:14) to the effect that life here on earth is but a vapor, a passing of time in the blink of an eye. Yet, the world operates almost on the premise that this here and now is all that exists. Live for today! He who dies with the most toys wins! If it feels good, do it! This is the philosophy of the world. This is what dictates the thought pattern of most of mankind.

On the other hand, the Christian should adopt an eternal perspective to everything that occurs. By viewing everything as an eternal event, we keep God in the forefront of our thoughts. Thus, it is possible to consider any topic, subject, or event from a Christian / biblical perspective. This is the heart of renewing your mind.

One example I came across in my research was a conversation between two drivers at the gas pump. Actually, it would not even have to be a conversation, merely a thought pattern for your daydream as you, almost mindlessly, fill your tank. The world will dwell upon the outrageous price of gasoline. This may lead to a hatred for big oil companies, or the Arabs, or both. The Christian thought pattern will dwell upon the majesty of God in having provided oil and gas, and the knowledge that led to the construction of automobiles and refined fuels to power them.

See the difference?




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