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Renewing Your Mind


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An Unchanging God

Hebrews 6:17
Because God wanted to make the unchanging nature of his purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, he confirmed it with an oath.

This is either very simplistic or very complex. I am not certain which. The scholars of the seminaries will argue about much more complex situations than I do here, but the effect must be measured in individual lives. If God cannot foresee the future, how can He plan? 

You are at your job or in school when you clearly hear the call of God to be a missionary. You say "yes" and make all the required plans to head across the ocean to Far-away Land. God foresees this and undertakes a set of "circumstances" so that Maya-unsaved will cross your path at the airport in Far-away Land and receive the Gospel from you. God foresees all of this and makes the appropriately godly plans for this "chance" meeting.

Then, at the last moment before your plane is to leave the gate, you bolt from your seat and rush from the airport. Maya-unsaved will arrive at the airport in Far-away Land, but you will not be there. Maya-unsaved will remain unsaved. An Open Theology God could not foresee your bolting from the plane. Thus, God must, indeed, you have forced Him, to change His mind and His plans to account for this unexpected change of events.

Is this your God?

The scary part of this theology is that it comes from people who characterize themselves as evangelicals.  They write for evangelical magazines. They publish practical books.  They appeal to the public. Most of their theology is orthodox. How is one to know the difference? Or, worse yet, in this package, how many people will conclude that Open Theology must be correct? After all, some of the language used in the Bible suggests that God repents!




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