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Traits of Neotheism

Colossians 2:8
See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.

So, what are the real characteristics of neotheism?

First, as with all orthodox views, God is seen as having created out of nothing. The Word of God formed the earth, the universe, and all that is contained therein. In addition, this God does perform miracles. He interferes with the affairs of men at times of His own choosing.

Second, God created mankind with freedom — a freedom over which He cannot exercise total control.  This God could not force our would-be missionary to stay on that airplane no matter how important the result was to God&s plans.

Third, this freedom has been granted to men because God so values the attribute of freedom. This is true even in the moral universe. God, therefore, will not normally override the exercise of such freedom, even when it produces the wrong outcome.

Fourth, since God desires the highest and greatest good for men's lives, God is greatly affected by what happens in each individual and corporate life. God is affected by our choices. We can control God by our decisions!

Fifth, God does not possess sufficient knowledge of each individual choice of freedom. God is very wise and predicts with great accuracy how each individual will react in a given situation, but God cannot know for certain each individual outcome.  Thus, He may be surprised, as when our would-be missionary bolted from the plane.

One of the events of the past 50-100 years has been the application of Scriptural principles to various social, cultural, and political settings. Thus, the Bible is used to promote revolution in oppressed countries, especially in South American. Various “theologies” have developed, such as liberation theology, process theology, feminist theology, and so on. Different views meet with various results when analyzed by classical or orthodox theologians. 

What scares me is that many theologians, while admitting that Open Theology is not classical or orthodox, nonetheless call it a theology that is not a heresy. These experts admit to a significant doctrinal departure from the historic teachings of the orthodox church, but they fail to carry their criticism so far as to call these teachings a heresy. I personally do not understand how a group can depart from the major tenets of Christianity without being a heresy.  While I understand there exists an argument about what doctrines are required to make one a true Christian, I do not believe the neotheist reaches the mark of true Christianity.

Let us investigate further.




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